Lok Wa

Voice (Popular music)

LOK graduated from the Department of Music and Linguistics at the University of Hong Kong. In 2014, she equipped herself with sufficient teaching skills by attaining Postgraduate Diploma in Education from HKU. Awarded both the ABRSM and Rockschool Grade 8 Piano, Vocal and Theory, she was qualified to teach classical music and pop music. 

LOK was an experienced  back-up vocalist. Her recent performances included:Sam Hui’s What a Wonderful World Concert 2014, Alex To’s My Virtual Planet Tour 2015, and Blaster’s Keep Moving Forward Concert.

When she was an undergraduate, she serve as an arranger, a music director and singer in Mosaic. She kept her passion in a cappella and took her another identity (being a member of SiS) as an advantage to further promote a cappella music to the public. By holding different scales of a cappella workshops and teaching more than 10 primary and secondary schools, more students fall in love with a cappella music. 


Classical Singing - Private Tuition (per lesson) | Grade 0-4 $300(30 mins) $600(60 mins) | Grade 5-7 $800(60 mins) | Grade 8 or above $1000(60 mins) | Pop Singing - Private Tuition (per lesson) | Beginner to Advanced $400(30 mins) $600(60 mins) |

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