Ginny Tin


Ginny Tin Tsz Ling is currently studying Music at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in flute and piccolo under the tutelage of Ivy Chuang Suet Wah. She has also studied with Brian Chan Tsz Chun. Ginny has participated in several local and international music festivals and masterclasses, such as including but not limited to Oxford Flute Summer School, Asian Youth Orchestra Hong Kong Music Summer Orchestra and Hong Kong International Band Fair Youth Band and was coached by Robert Winn, Peter Verhoyen, Birgit Ramsl and Jasmine Choi.

Ginny is also an active flautist and piccoloist in various orchestras and ensembles in Hong Kong, such as Hong Kong Festival Orchestra, CUHK Chung Chi Wind Orchestra, CUHK Student Orchestra, and more. She has also performed as a soloist with Hong Kong Bravissimo Wind Ensemble. 

Studying in pedagogy stream in CUHK, Ginny is passionate about music education. She is an active and experienced freelance flute and piccolo tutor, who is teaching in various local schools and music studios, including Munsang College Primary School, C&MA Chui Chak Lam Memorial School, Anfield School Hong Kong, Affetto Music and more. She also works as a private flute and piccolo tutor. 

Private Tuition (per lesson) | Grade 0-4 $320(30mins) $380(60mins) | Grade 5-7 $450(30mins) $550(60mins) | Grade 8 or above $500(30mins) $650(60mins)

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