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Twoset Violin X HKFO:
The Comic Symphony II

black backgrond twoset_2


15 August 2017 (Tue)


Sha Tin Town Hall, Auditorium


Partnering Artists: Twoset Violin
Conductor: Sean Li

The finale to our Summer Festival’s musical trilogy is nowhere but Wonderland. In “Twoset Violin X HKFO: The Comic Symphony II”, HKFO joins hands with social media celebrity and internet sensation – Twoset Violin – in a frenzy of interactive music and comedy that is guaranteed to change how you will see classical music again – this time with a big smile on your face. With over 250,000 followers on social media and over 70 million views worldwide, Twoset Violin is one of the most highly sought-after music-comedy groups in the world. Ending our season with a comedic blast, this is not an event that anyone – music lover or not – should miss!