The Hong Kong Festival Orchestra (HKFO) is a non-profit organisation and one of the largest and leading youth orchestra and choir groups in Hong Kong.  Founded in 2009, HKFO brings together experienced local musicians educated amongst the top music schools from around the globe to provide a series of concerts over the years, collaborating with celebrated artists including Hong Kong’s popular singer George Lam, renowned comedian Jim Chim and world-class conductor Vassily Sinaisky, cellist Jian Wang, pianists Yundi Li, Mary Wu and Rachel Cheung, amongst many others.


In 2013, HKFO hosted Hong Kong’s first and largest choral-orchestral flash mob. Involving more than 200 musicians, HKFO’s flash mob received universal acclaim, and has now accrued more than 1,000,000 views on YouTube, amassing viewers from all over the globe!


Using an alternative, youthful and creative way to present the traditional art form, HKFO hopes to revitalise the city by planting the invigorating seeds of art and culture into our communities, to tend the once “cultural desert” into green pastures.

Music Festivals. Reinvented.